January 2022

Seeing people as possibilities is a new rallying cry that should go down well with top leaders.Layered leadership has been the secret sauce for Apple’s rise to the top- we take a look at it in this issue. B2B brand marketers seek brand salience most of the time. We talk about it here. The new era for organizations will need and seek intrapreneurs. We take a look at how that can be achieved. The jury has been out on Brand V Performance. We end the debate on that false dichotomy. Social media marketing and neuroscience- the twain can tango.

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We are in an eco system of deficit and surplus. There is deficit of trust, time, attention and resources. There is surplus of products, goods,services & information. How do brands stand out and create the all important emotional connect with consumers? What does it take for a brand to ensure customer loyalty in an over commoditised world? In an era where new age brands are getting valuations several exponential times over far more established,old world brands, what is your strategy? How do you tackle customer infidelity? BrandKnew is an amalgam of the very finest, distilled essence from all over the world put together in an easy to consume, reflect, apply manner. It articulates, suggests, disseminates, shares, educates, provokes, inspires brand owners and brand professionals to take the next logical step in realising their branding goals.