Brand growth is the quest. And towards that end, we take a look at how advertising works today. We take a contrarian on first come, first served mantra for customer service.The slippery slope of brand loyalty gets a look and we explore how Amazon, Apple and Domino’s remain loyalty legends. AI, Marketing & Psychology are the three musketeers for marketers. Know more here.UX(User Experience) is a must have – we talk about how UX designers can use brain science to influence user experience. The media landscape is changing fast- what can brands do to keep up, survive and thrive? Repetitive, consistency, visibility is the trifecta for advertising to be effective. We pick on that subject here. TikTok has been a marketer’s darling for a while now- we engage in this issue in understanding how brands are singing their own tunes on TikTok. BMW’s leap into the future is best storied through their concept car. Get more torque on that in this edition….