January 2019


A very Happy New You and an extremely Happy New Year to you and yours. 2018 sowed the seeds of tectonic changes in the world of branding and marketing and the hedge is that 2019 will take it a few notches higher. The excitement is palpable and the issue on hand is feature packed. We look back and look ahead. Like the Influencer Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eyes on or the Most Watched Videos of 2018. We head into a Conversation with CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella and see where he is taking the organisation to cloud and beyond.AI is the unofficial toast of the town and our feature on how Marketers can start using AI will be a good primer to soak in. A blast from the past is the process of Brand Valuation that has now transcended 30 years. Take a dip into that in this issue. You will be fascinated to know how Advertisers use Psychology tricks to get us buy things in the article featured in this issue.