May 2019


May this be a summer of content! Actionable, usable, archivable. As you would have seen, we have increased the number of of editorial pages in BrandKnew just to pack in more insight and observations that can be leveraged by the branding & advertising community. What Advertising can learn from Art? You can read some brush strokes here.The new eye opener for marketers and brands is the emerging significance of visual search. Understand more about it in this issue. For all those trying to decipher how to achieve maximum impact and engagement from your posts on social media, we offer a primer in this edition. The story on the changing landscape of advertising will be interesting to many in the fraternity. As would be the feature on how to advertise your advertising agency. We also take a look at the Rise & Fall of the Facebook’s memory economy. As they say it takes two to tango- understand how to combine influencer and emotional marketing to enhance your content program. Also get to know how your brand can cut through the noise and send out the right signal. Bucketfuls more in this edition that you can soak and extract meaning from and I leave it to you to do exactly that.